yay onew



i would like to thank everyone who wished me luck. you guys are awesome. :D

so now that i am back on lj, let me just share my thoughts on everything that's been going on. and since i'm lagging behind everyone, i will try to keep this short.

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so yeah. i'll be off the grid for a couple days as i will be travelling halfway across the globe to spend two months of intense partying with my best friends in the entire universe. oh and goldengutgirl i will see you in a couple days!!!
you made sunny cry, good job loser


i probably should have posted this a while ago since i have been a useless friend on lj the past couple weeks but.

so i hope you understand.

i will be on


for the next two weeks.
i graduate on may 21st.
then i will hop on a manila-bound plane sometime after that.
then i will party for two months straight.
then i will come back to new york and look for work like a responsible adult.

hopefully i will be less useless in a couple of weeks.
so until then, have a picture of me playing with an iPad in the apple store on 5th avenue.

and yes, that is onew singing "Yoogeun Gone"
hands down my favorite scene in Hello, Baby everrrr.
i miss that show sfm. :(
yay onew


dear brand new friends from the friending meme:

dulces , happymint , kimchislurpie03 , cherry_kokoro , nothingawesome , jenna_lovesyou , asianized_x , yeonga , fukarenys , signorpompelmo , xkimchi_ninja , jangboah , blingasaurus , flashbacku , sanselle , yearofus , sol_tama , alphanomical , jeniski , thunggyu , biffyhouse , annabel92 , chick_mik , lovefizz ,  and whomever else i end up adding,


okay, ummm. this is the part where i should be directing you guys to an intro post but i have yet to make one so. just know that i flail (and curse excessively) about shinee and super junior most of the time. with the occasional arashi or jdrama post here and there. but i love practically everyone in kpop so. yeah. i'm looking forward to flailing with all of you! i love you all already!
yay onew

hyonew is otp! and some talk about hyori

i don't think i've declared this publicly but:


and it's not just cause they both look good and are obviously super talented, and therefore their spawn would just be these ridiculously attractive superhuman idol babies. it's that they have history together. and that counts for a lot in a real life relationship. and it kills me. and it's cute.

and look at the picture!!! it looks like the cover for manga about this shy boy who's really sweet and sings good and this free-spirited girl who's really loud and has sick dance skillz and how they're an unlikely pair who fall in love despite all their differences. ONLY, IT'S NOT MANGA. IT'S REAL LIFE.

so yeah. they are obviously MFEO.

/still waiting for the comeback, guys. come on. april's almost half done.


in other news, i am seriously addicted to LEE HYO RIZZLE. the new album is sick. Bring It Back is hands down my favorite track because BEKAH and JI YOON, two of the most badass ladiez in kpop, are in it. but also i love how it fuses rock and hip-hop together into an awesome awesome track of grrrl power. and then the track is followed by Highlight which is another song that gets me off my ass and makes me work it. this album is not helping me get any homework done! it's helping me burn off some calories though, which is good. oh and i also adore the track with Daesung in it. it is BEAUTIFUL. and not just because it resampled Annie Lennox. even if to me, that is reason enough. 
yay onew

the most awesome gif ever

why is this the most awesome gif ever you ask? because:

onew (duh) + GLASSES + dancing + young boy with OLDER WOMAN

i love these four things separately but all of them together? in one fantastic gif?

oh hello brain. i see you splattered all across my bedroom wall and i totally understand why that happened.

plus, SUAVE-AS-FUCK!ONEW is how i've always imagined him in my head so. PROOF!

ugh i can't even process this right now. WHY IS HE SO PERFECT???

nino neck icon of hotness

insert keysmash here

i've always had a major thing for boys in glasses.

it could be because when i was growing up, glasses meant that you were either smart or a geek or both, and i always preferred smart/geeky boys to cute ones. it could be because of the fact that poor eyesight is a physical handicap and it activates my desire to protect someone weaker than myself. it could be because i've always liked the mental image of taking off a boy's glasses before proceeding to make out with his face.

all i know is it has turned into a full-blown fetish. like seriously. it's unhealthy.

so anyway:

yeah. so um. i'm just gonna be in my bunk.

(but not really cause i'm at school fml)